Navigate Your Path to Success

Navigate Your Path to Success

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  • January 30, 2023
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The importance of committing your plan to writing cannot be overemphasized

Goal setting establishes a relationship between where you are and where you are going. It sounds basic. But few people have a goals program because they simply do not know where to begin. They have no idea where they stand now. They have no clearly stated priorities or values and cannot, therefore, determine where they want to go. Even if they have grasped the basic concepts, they lack the experience to select challenging goals. They need help and direction to put theory into practice.
The importance of committing your plan to writing cannot be overemphasized. Definite plans produce definite results. But indefinite plans do not produce indefinite results; typically, they produce no results at all. Anticipate the following benefits:
• Focus. Written goals serve as a reference and a reminder of your objectives. They keep you on course to progress and act as “interference blinders” that eliminate outside distractions and interruptions. A written plan conserves time and energy because you always know where you are going and what to do next. You never need to stop and wonder what is most important to you.
• Motivation. Writing crystallizes thought, and crystallized thought motivates action. Merely seeing your goals on paper lends clarity to purpose and dedication to achievement.
• Measurement. Written goals serve as a yardstick of progress. Without goals, the yardstick is blurred, and motivation is lost.
• Compatibility. Reducing your goals to writing assures their compatibility. Once you spread them out before you, any inconsistency between goals and values becomes apparent. Conflicts between individual goals in requirements for time and resources are immediately visible. You may then assign priorities and eliminate frustrations before serious damage occurs.
• Stimulation. Writing helps form the habit of visualization that lends creativity to all you undertake.
• Self-fulfilling Prophecy. When you have a written plan for the achievement of your goals, your commitment to them becomes firm. You have a clear mental picture of whom you intend to become and what you plan to do. When goals are clear and vivid, they act as a magnetic force to draw you to them.
Anticipation of Benefits
Make a written list of the rewards that will be yours when you achieve a goal. Include the advantages to be gained and the losses to be avoided. These are the compelling reasons you
have for taking action to achieve your goal. When you know the benefits that will be yours, you have the courage and desire necessary to push ahead, to do the work and to overcome every roadblock.
As you list anticipated rewards, include those that are both tangible and intangible. List the possessions that will be yours and the position you will occupy, as well as the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment you will enjoy. It does not matter whether the rewards you list would be meaningful to anyone else. If they are important to you, list them. Anticipating the enjoyment of the fruits of your labor stimulates you to redouble your efforts toward achievement. Visualizing the rewards of success is a concrete step toward achievement.

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