Become Coach

We at Bizwiz help you to showcase your authority and  empower millions of people. 

Benefits of the association.

1) Monetizing your knowledge and helping individual by value added courses

2) Marketing & Know how of how to launch video courses

3) Opportunitiy to be  Part of Transformational Learning platform for professional education having world class classes

4)  Course quality team wil guide you in execution of launching and marketing your classes ( Video)

5) Passive income opportunity by being an affiliate partner of Bizwiz 

6) Signing the MOU regarding the collaboration

7) Class Platform as a Coach  to be provided free for the first year of the agreement. One month notice wil be given before levyng any charges for 
the platform

Responsibility of Bizwiz Learning.

1) Hosting and Marketing the Courses

2) Quality review 

3) Know how and guidance to launch the courses

4) Revenue share as per the agreement ( 40% to 70% of Revenues)