We help in improving the business acumen and leadership skills of student

"Play more, Learn more blueprint" of honing business acumen using management simulations.
This blueprint includes programs for the trainer, students & executives in the areas of entrepreneurship, business modelling, finance, strategy & sales.
Our innovative platform helps in providing measurable results to the individuals and organizations by providing experiential and interactive potential transformation solutions in the areas of entrepreneurship, business modelling, finance, strategy & sales.
We use business simulations in our pedagogy where students can set up and run their own virtual company and focus on enhancing business skills, employability skills which provide organizations the opportunity to craft unlimited custom challenges for them.
Play more, Learn more Simulation solutions are an effective tool for enhancing skills, since they allow students to experience real life management environments.


Bizwiz Simulation helps in :


  • It helps participants develop entrepreneurial, life and employability skills by encouraging active experimentation in realistic environments and by creating opportunities for feedback, observation and reflection.
  • It provides role models. It influences behaviour and serves as ‘laboratories’ for developing problem solving alternatives.
  • Users can explore new methods, processes and technologies without risk and understand how they will work with others to be effective.  Business simulations allow students to apply the newly acquired theoretical knowledge in a simulated business world.  They experiment with strategies and compete with other companies. As the students make realistic business decisions and analyze the results of their actions, the important business principles become a part of their natural thinking.

WHY Bizwiz Play More, Learn more Simulation solutions:

  • Offering different kind of simulations as per your requirement
  • Our solutions have been used by IITs, IIMs, Pearl Academy and other colleges.
  • Long term learning to learners: One year access to our Video course
  • Ecertification by Bizwiz Learning
  • Mentors are IIM Mentors/CS/CA/Industry experts having rich experience of and some having more than 15 years.
  • Digital Coaching & Immersive pedagogy
  • Excellent engagement with the students


Our Play more learn more (PMLM) Simulation based programs have following options:

  • PMLM Train the trainer program
  • PMLM Business Modelling Excellence & Intensive  program
  • PMLM Business Acumen program
  • PMLM Entrepreneurship
  • Customized solutions. 

Many of our clients, such as IIMs, IITs, Pearl Academy, AIMT we have worked in the past and participants obtained excellent results. We have worked with many corporate, SMEs, startups and professionals too. 
We also offer our Classes membership plans at a discounted rate to the students if purchased in bulk.
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Attitude is Everything

One of the most important attributes to be successful in whatever we do is our Attitude.

The negative attitude acts as a barrier in realizing our potential. However we can convert the

negative attitude in positive one under the proper guidance and in a structured manner.

Bizwiz Learning in association with LMI offers one of the most attended program on Attitude.

Attitude is Everything

Bizwiz learning has exclusive offers for the educational institutions for their students.

This is a must program for all the students. This Program will help in

● Setting Smart Goals and Smart Actions

● Enhancing Self Image

● How to Gain the slight edge

● Acquire Never Give up Attitude

● Learning the Principles that get results

Extra Benefits

● Certification by LMI (US)

● 3 Months Business Simulation access

● Get access to Gold Plan

● Six Live sessions on Leadership

You will get Answers to

● How to unleash your potential

● How to realize your dreams

● How to self-motivate yourself

For demo/details please submit your details by using above form or email us at [email protected] or call us on +91-9953923981