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Finance Made Easy

Author : Rahul Jain || 2 years ago
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1 Basis Of Finance
1.1 Various Ways Of Raising Money Through Equity Shares
1.2 Evaluation Of Raising Money From Equity

2 Interesting Information
2.1 Valley Of Death
2.2 Short Term Financing

3 Maintain The Business Accounts
3.1 Ensuring Correctness Of Data Ensuring Cycle
3.1.1 Step Of Accounting Cycle

3.2 Importance Of Preparation Of Financial Cycle

3.3 Transactions Impacting The Accounting Information
3.3.1 Assets

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4 Good Sources Of Raising Funds For Small & Mid-Sized Business In The India
4.1 Venture Capitalists
4.2 Govt. Funding And Schemes

5 Module & Exercise
5.1 Keywords
5.2 Discussion & Questions

Part 2

6. Banking And Finance
6.1 Introduction To Costing
6.2 Key Benefits Of Cost Analysis

7. Different Type Of Production Cost

8. Break Even Analysis

9. Preparation Of Financial Statements
9.1 Preparation Of Income Statement
9.2 Preparation Of The Balance Sheet

10. Modules And Exercise
10.1 Key Words
10.2 References