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Business Planning Made Easy (Full Version)

Author : Rahul Jain || 2 years ago

Don't just make a Business Plan, but experience business too through our unique E-guide of 150 pages.


Second volume of our business guide; hope you’ve already read the free version even if not then also fine this version is mix of both so relax.

In free version we showed you few aspects of business and business planning to create an understanding, to help you in your business. This version is in continuation with the first one.

In this you’ll get in-depth knowledge, a broad scenario, many exercises and case studies for practical exposure.

This e-guide will help you in understanding every aspect of business- managerial, financial, marketing, decision making, risk analysis, etc, with live examples.

So it’s for those who wants to understand business and how to run business, it’s an amazingly helpful tool for those people, to understand things which can make them successful and to learn from others.


Opening Case


From Idea to Business Plan

Concept and Definition of Business Plan

Principles of Business Planning

Scope & Importance of Business Plan

Limitations of Business Plan

Who should write the Business Plan?

Presenting the PlanBusiness Plan & Strategy

Process of strategic Management

Management Process

Resources to Prepare Business Plan

Preparation of Project Report for Business Plan

Executive Summary

Business Description

Environmental Analysis

Marketing Plan

Management Plan

Financial Factors

Pitfalls of Business Plan

Business Plan – Risk Evaluation

Management of Risk

Chapter End Exercises

Cases for Discussion

Chapter Summary

Key Terms

Simulations on Business Plan

Case Study