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Transform your Potential for 1% Growth Daily

10 months ago
Price : Rs. 600.00/-

Bizwiz is conducting Half day Workshop on

“Transform your Potential for 1% Growth Daily”

Do 1%, 100% Done.

to be held on June 8th, 2019, at Jhandewalan

If you have Gaps

Between Intent and Attainment, Expectations and Execution, Potential and Performance, Strategy and Result, Dreams and Reality

Then this workshop will help you deal all these.

The Workshop will cover the following subjects in addition to free access to business tools for 6 months and networking opportunity with like-minded people.

  • Demystifying Success
  • Wheel of Life for achieving holistic growth
  • Overcoming Attitudinal barriers
  • Essentials of Smart Goal Setting
  • Effective Business Model Analysis
  • Simulation Activities
  • Law of Attraction
  • 1% Road Map every day
  • And Much More

Join us :

  • If you want to live a life you’re proud of
  • it’s never too late or too early to be whoever you want to be.
  • If you are struggling to make profits?
  • To boost in Employee Morale
  • To increase Return on Investment
  • To focus on High pay off activities

Note: Bizwiz is offering leadership programs in association with LMI, India. LMI ( Leadership Management International is world’s largest professional development company and over 4.1 million people and 1,00,000 organizations have done our programs)



Lead Speaker will be

Mr. Rahul Jain

  • A thought leader on leadership, corporate finance, business simulations and venture planning.
  • Mentor to IIM Ahmedabad and CIIE, authored multiple eBooks and passionate about equity research and spiritualism
  • Director/licensee of LMI, India and BizWiz Learning
  • An MBA from MDI, Gurgaon, OHBE from Laureate US University and is a Fellow Company Secretary.



Awesome,real life business experience.

Mr.Abhidesh A.K

Leadership Institute of AIMS, Bangalore

My time management skills improved. I saved a total of 70 Minutes/day (30 minutes from professional life and 40 from personal life and utilizing the same for creative planning and self development. Long pending things got started and procrastination under control. My public speaking skills improved through this programme. I had the confidence to address a gathering of over 160 people recently. "

Mr. V.B. Pillai

Mazagon Dock Limited


It was a good experience as we learnt many new aspects which should be considered while setting up a new venture. -



 I have already started implementing the ideas as far as my job & personal life is concerned by making four goals & I would like to mention here that I have so far achieved Rs. 1,000 Mil. cost saving in one of my goal of material cost reduction.”  

Mr.Vivek C. Mahajan



Price of the Workshop is Rs 1000 per participant.

Don’t Miss Early Bird offer which is Rs 600 per participant which includes Workshop, Networking  and  Tea 

(Valid for first few seats only)

Please click on the link to pay Rs 600.00 to Sundeep Global Ltd for Bizwiz Workshop:    



1E/22, Swami Ram Tirath Nagar, Third Floor, 

Jhandewalan Extension, Delhi 110055



EPP Program- It creates a high performance organization.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort” - Paul J. Meyer

Most of us use less than 10% of our true potential. At the heart of all achievement you will find productive people practicing effective behaviors. None of us are born with behaviors that are 100% effective. We all learn by trial and error, and some learn from those experiences faster than others. Another challenge is our past conditioning. We all come to the workplace with different past conditioning; some good, some bad. Locked behind our ingrained habits and attitudes lie vast reserves of unused potential. The question is how do you develop that unused potential.
2 years ago


Refresh and hone your Business skills in a ‘Learning by doing’ environment. Handle serious business challenges and situations that you never experienced earlier and move out of your comfort zone.

Share perspectives and experiences with an expert mentor of IIM/IIT. Get to the depths of business in a highly intense business environment that forces you to think, reflect and make impactful strategic decisions that benefit the business as a whole. Free Downloads will help you to understand your strengths and weakness while dealing with complex business challenges

~ Improve your Business Intelligence


2 years ago


Duration: 5-6 Hours (Face 2 Face), Simulations

Simulations & Videos: Yes


This workshop “Transform your potential by smart financial management” is ideal for industrialists, businessmen, managers, women entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, freelancers & non finance executives. Financial mismanagement is one of the prime factors of business failures. And this happens because of a widely held belief that finance management is the job of the finance department alone. The truth is that finance management or mis-management happens in every department of an organization. Most decisions taken by various so-called non-finance managers/executives are in fact financial decisions. A decision taken by a sales person, who is offered a large order provided he can cut price, to accept or to refuse the offer, is a financial decision. A decision as to the levels of inventory to be maintained by the stores manager is a financial decision. An HR decision as to the size of the ‘bench’ to be maintained is also a financial decision.

The program is practice-oriented comprising lectures, simulations, case studies, and group discussions and is modeled keeping non-finance persons in mind. This is ideal for people to enhance their business finance skills in the current competitive business environment for accelerating ROI of the organization. The workshop is designed to provide necessary knowledge to understand:

1 year ago

Organizations improve when people make effective changes. Bizwiz’sEffective Personal and business transformation 11 months program addresses the gap between current performance and the future potential of people. This program is more than a training program; it is a development process. Knowledge-based training has little influence in changing habits and attitudes that have been developed over years of past conditioning. Effective behaviours are developed in the same way as they were acquired, through a development process.

1 year ago



Learn and take guidance on Human Resources Development

2 years ago


For Digital Coaching use our SmartCoach app

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LMI course made me understand how I am wasting and usin... Read More


LMI course made me understand how I am wasting and using my available 1440 mins of time each day. Now I make planning of my time and concentrate on 20% work/activities which gives me 80% of the day's result. Written plan helps me to identify conflicts between various priorities and eliminate damaging frustration.