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Tranform your potential by smart financial management

Author : Rahul Jain


Duration: 5-6 Hours (Face 2 Face), Simulations

Simulations & Videos: Yes


This workshop “Transform your potential by smart financial management” is ideal for industrialists, businessmen, managers, women entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, freelancers & non finance executives. Financial mismanagement is one of the prime factors of business failures. And this happens because of a widely held belief that finance management is the job of the finance department alone. The truth is that finance management or mis-management happens in every department of an organization. Most decisions taken by various so-called non-finance managers/executives are in fact financial decisions. A decision taken by a sales person, who is offered a large order provided he can cut price, to accept or to refuse the offer, is a financial decision. A decision as to the levels of inventory to be maintained by the stores manager is a financial decision. An HR decision as to the size of the ‘bench’ to be maintained is also a financial decision.

The program is practice-oriented comprising lectures, simulations, case studies, and group discussions and is modeled keeping non-finance persons in mind. This is ideal for people to enhance their business finance skills in the current competitive business environment for accelerating ROI of the organization. The workshop is designed to provide necessary knowledge to understand:

  • Fundamental financial concepts
  • Financial statements
  • Cash flow Management
  • Working Capital Management
  • Marginal Costing

It gives an insight on how financial data is used to make business decisions, while understanding its financial implications. In addition, the ability to interpret financial information will help to understand resource acquisition and allocation, and communicate more effectively with the firm's financial managers.

Program content will include:

  1. Introduction to Finance and accounts (2hrs sessions)
  2. Discussion of Basics
  3. Understanding and interpreting financial statements
  4. Cashflow Management & Costing analysis (2 hr session)
  5. Cash flow Management
  6.  Break Even analysis
  7.  Working Capital Management decisions (2 hrs session)
  8. Working capital management ( Inventory , Credit & Cash Management)


About the Author

Rahul Jain is founder director of Bizwiz, which is transforming the potential of individuals and organization thereby enhancing the ROI of them. He is also a Director Development and Licensee, LMI India. LMI is leadership management international which is world’s largest leadership development company.

He’s a thought leader on leadership, corporate finance , business Simulations and venture Planning.  He is a Mentor to IIM Ahmedabad CIIE, authored multiple eBooks and passionate about equity research and spiritualism. Rahul Jain is an MBA from MDI Gurgaon, OHBE from Laureate US University and is a Fellow Company secretary

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