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Enhancing your Business Skills (Orientation Course)



Business Skills Orientation Course for your success

~ Improve your Business Intelligence


Course Duration: 10-15 days online

Course Hours: 5-6 hours (Rest practice)

Live Mentoring by IIM/IIT Expert: 30 minutes

Videos: Yes

Certification: No

Simulation: Yes

Industry Trip: No

Placement Assistance: No

Discount Available: Yes. Get it for 999 instead of full price of 1999.


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Refresh and hone your Business skills in a ‘Learning by doing’ environment. Handle serious business challenges and situations that you never experienced earlier and move out of your comfort zone.

Share perspectives and experiences with an expert mentor of IIM/IIT. Get to the depths of business in a highly intense business environment that forces you to think, reflect and make impactful strategic decisions that benefit the business as a whole. Free Downloads will help you to understand your strengths and weakness while dealing with complex business challenges

~ Improve your Business Intelligence


This orientation course basically focuses on enhancing your business skills such as decisions which is major in every business ‘how to take decisions in business.’ It improves strategic decision making, helps in understanding different diversified business challenges. Most important is it improves “BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE.”

This course is based on “learning by doing”, which is more effective as a person learns the most when he/she is doing or practicing something. This course is based on simulation learning experience. It includes interesting learning by playing a whole lot of wonderful experience gaming i.e. SIMVENTURE. 


SIMVENTURE is a business based game in which the player is in the position to start his /her company virtually and run that company in whichever way he/she want to and take all crucial decisions of the company. SIMVENTURE covers various aspects :-

  • Market research, competition research , customer feedback.
  • Marketing position, promotions, advertising, direct marketing , public relations ,networking , websites, events and exhibitions.
  • Pricing , target markets , selling points ,sales channels, distribution , personal selling.
  • Product design, purchasing, production, quality control.
  • Banking , accounts.
  • Loans, equity investments, grants, overdrafts.
  • Forecasting , profit and loss, cashflow , budgets, targets
  • Premises, relocation , staff skills, resources, legal.
  • Recruitment, selection , management , training.
  • Time management and efficiency.

So it shows this game covers all aspects of business which provides you great exposure. So don’t you think this is so very interesting plus full of resources gives you knowledge in every field of business?

Skills Orientation Course Presentation: This presentation will brief you about this course and how it can be beneficial to you. It contains information about our various levels of courses on Skills development and how each level differs from each other. You can get a brief about various programs that we provide to help you enhance your potential.





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