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Effective Personal Leadership

Author : PAUL J. MEYER




1. Introduction: Kick Off
• The Total Leader® Concept and Personal Leadership
• Understanding What Personal Leadership Means
• Personal Leadership versus Formal Leadership
• How to Develop Personal Leadership
• Developing Personal Leadership through Goals 
• Starting the Goal-Setting Process

2. Lesson First: Your Potential For Personal Leadership
• Believing in Your Full Potential
• Discovering Your Untapped Potential
• Your Opportunity for Leadership Growth
• Personal Leadership Requires Courage
• Focusing on Your Strengths
• The Rewards of Leadership
• The Internal Nature of Personal Leadership

3. Lesson Two: Self Knowledge: The Source Of Personal Leadership
• Self-Knowledge and Emotional Intelligence
• Leading with Emotional Intelligence
• Understanding Our Past
• Breaking Out of a Conditioned Existence
• Developing a Strong Self-Image
• True Leaders Are Authentic Leaders
• Committing to Authentic Leadership

4. Lesson Three: Six Essentials Of Personal Leadership
• Success Essential #1: Personal Responsibility
• Success Essential #2: Purpose
• Success Essential #3: Plan
• Success Essential #4: Passion
• Success Essential #5: Positive
• Expectancy Success Essential #6: Persistence

5. Lesson Four: Take Personal Responsibility
• Personal Responsibility Equals Freedom
• Personal Responsibility and Self Motivation
• Recognizing Our Basic Human Needs
• The Disadvantages of Motivation through Fear
• The Limits of Motivation through Incentive
• The Power of Motivation through Attitudes

6. Lesson Five: Discover Your Purpose
• Singleness of Purpose Requires Commitment
• Discovering Your Life Purpose
• Crystallizing Your Life Purpose
• Establishing Your Priorities
• Creating a Personal Mission Statement
• The Fundamentals of Goal Setting. Avoiding Distractions on Your Path

7. Lesson Six: Plan Your Path
• Programming Your Goal-Setting Computer
• Committing to Your Goals
• Understanding Different Goals
• Tangible and Intangible Goals
• Obstacles to Goals Achievement
• The Power of Target Dates
• Is it worth it to me?

8. Lesson Seven: Ignite Your Passion
• Making Passion a Way of Life
• The Hallmarks of Genuine Passion
• Enthusiasm Reflects Your Passion
• Controlling the Emotional Climate
• How to Build Enthusiasm
• The Benefits of Enthusiasm

9. Lesson Eight: Act With Positive Expectancy
• Positive Expectancy Requires Belief
• How Positive Expectancy Works
• Positive Expectancy Starts with Affirmation
• Positive Expectancy Is Magnified with Visualization
• Developing an Attitude of Positive Expectancy
• How Our Attitudes and Habits Are Formed
• Changing Current Attitudes and Habits
• The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

10. Lesson Nice: Follow Through With Persistence
• Reasons Why People Quit
• Developing Iron-Willed Persistence
• Turning Adversity into Opportunity
• Making Good Decisions Requires Persistence
• Persistence Pays Off!

11. Lesson 10: Living A Balanced Life
• The Total Person® and Personal Leadership
• Planning Your Time with Priorities in Mind
• Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset
• Taking Responsibility for the Time You Use
• Becoming a Total Person

12. Lesson Eleven: The Art Of Successful Communication
• Leaders Are Communicators
• The Critical Role of Empathy in Communication
• Learning to Listen with Empathy
• Developing Empathy
• Setting an Example by Relationship Management
• Leadership through Communication

13. Lesson Twelve: Multiplying Your Leadership
• Leaders Have Integrity and Character
• Leaders Are Role Models
• Leaders Are Developers of People
• Leaders Are Empowerers of People
• The Rewards of Empowering Others
• Living a Life Filled with Potential
• The Leadership Challenge


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