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Effective Personal and business transformation

Organizations improve when people make effective changes. Bizwiz’s Effective Personal and business transformation 11 months program addresses the gap between current performance and the future potential of people. This program is more than a training program; it is a development process. Knowledge-based training has little influence in changing habits and attitudes that have been developed over years of past conditioning. Effective behaviours are developed in the same way as they were acquired, through a development process.


Who should do the course?


This program is one of its kinds, prepared for the holistic development of Business owners, Entrepreneurs, working professionals and graduates (any stream) in the areas such as Financial Management, Personal financial planning, personal productivity, sales management, leadership skills, goals management, effective communication and business skills.


Pedagogy of the course.


The students will be imparted knowledge through powerful experiential learning tools such as simulations, personal work books, planning sheets and many more.


Benefits of the course:

On completing the course successfully students can make their career across the industries and will be given 100 % assistance in their placements.

Business owners, Entrepreneurs and working professionals can measure the improvements in their respective fields.

Participants will receive a certificate on completing the course.  Productivity and Sales certification will be given by LMI. LMI is leadership management international which is a world’s largest people development company. More than 4.1 million people have done LMI programs worldwide.

In addition students will be prepared to enrol in the exams conducted by SEBI and achieve the certificate issued by the relevant authority.



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LMI course made me understand how I am wasting and usin... Read More


LMI course made me understand how I am wasting and using my available 1440 mins of time each day. Now I make planning of my time and concentrate on 20% work/activities which gives me 80% of the day's result. Written plan helps me to identify conflicts between various priorities and eliminate damaging frustration.