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Effective Leadership Development

Author : PAUL J. MEYER

Table of Content


ONE: Successful Leaders are Made - Not Born

  • Building on the Base of Success
  • The Slight Edge®
  • The Purpose of Leadership Development
  • The Definition of Success

TWO: Improving Results Through Better Time

  • Management
  • The Value of Time
  • Managing Your Time
  • Managing the Time of Others
  • Maximizing Time Use
  • The Benefits of Time Management

THREE: Exercising Authority Effectively

The Source of Authority

  • A Positive Approach to Discipline
  • Planning, Preparing, and Preventing
  • Accountability
  • Taking Corrective Action
  • “Tell Me About It” Coaching Process
  • Handling More Serious Problems

FOUR: The Art of Delegation

  • What is Effective Delegation?
  • Attitudes for Delegation
  • Levels of Delegation
  • Feedback on Performance
  • Upward Delegation

FIVE: Effective Communication is a Leadership

  • Essential Communication Really is a “Two-Way Street”
  • Communicators Are Made Not Born
  • Understanding Yourself
  • What Motivates People
  • Attitudes for Improving Communication Skills
  • The True Value of Downward Communication
  • Upward Communication Is a Win-Win

SIX: Motivating People to Produce

  • Understanding Motivation
  • Traditional Methods of Motivation
  • Attitude Motivation
  • Using the Power of Informal Groups
  • Developing a Motivation Plan

SEVEN: Preventing and Solving Problems

  • Opportunity in Every Difficulty
  • An Ounce of Prevention
  • Attitudes for Problem Prevention
  • Defining the Problem
  • Separating Organizational and Personal Problems
  • Productive Handling of Problems Involving
  • People
  • Dealing with Irrational Behavior

EIGHT: Developing People’s Potential

  • The Key to Increased Productivity
  • Training and Developing the Right People
  • The Benefits of Training and Developing People
  • Principles of Learning
  • The Development and Training Process
  • Your Attitude Toward Training and Development
  • The Manager and the Bottom Line


Effective Personal Productivity Program (EPP)

EPP Program- It creates a high performance organization.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort” - Paul J. Meyer

Most of us use less than 10% of our true potential. At the heart of all achievement you will find productive people practicing effective behaviors. None of us are born with behaviors that are 100% effective. We all learn by trial and error, and some learn from those experiences faster than others. Another challenge is our past conditioning. We all come to the workplace with different past conditioning; some good, some bad. Locked behind our ingrained habits and attitudes lie vast reserves of unused potential. The question is how do you develop that unused potential.
2 years ago
Effective Personal Leadership


Releasing your Untapped Potential


“Enter every Activity without giving Mental Recognition to the Possibility of Defeat. Concentrate on your Strengths, instead of your Weaknesses...... on your Power instead of your Problems.”

- Paul J. Meyer -


Effective Personal Leadership® - All individuals within an organization take on significance as they represent the organization to the outside world and as they interact within the organization. Their personal motivation and self-image are key to how they perform, respond, and lead.

2 years ago


Human Resources Development

Learn and take guidance on Human Resources Development

2 years ago


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LMI course made me understand how I am wasting and usin... Read More


LMI course made me understand how I am wasting and using my available 1440 mins of time each day. Now I make planning of my time and concentrate on 20% work/activities which gives me 80% of the day's result. Written plan helps me to identify conflicts between various priorities and eliminate damaging frustration.