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BIZWIZ help in providing superior measurable results to the individuals and organizations by providing experiential and interactive potential transformation solutions in the areas of leadership, sales, productivity, business finance and personal financial planning through innovative programs and advisory services. We strive to provide an assortment of innovative offerings, global and local, through our various value added services and partners.  

 We offer a Total person/organization growth package with our partners like LMI, Motilal Oswal & SimVenture. Our core differentiation is that unlike Transactional programs (which give a wow at the time of delivery but nothing changes and people go back to doing whatever they were doing) our programs are delivered once a week for half day for 8, 10, 20, 36 successive weeks depending on the program. This enables the Learn, Introspect (using session tools) and applies the learning. The impact is experiential learning and application producing better results even during the course of the intervention.

We have delivered such results to our clients many of whom have done hundreds of managers as they perceive an ROI emerging. Many of our clients, such as Siemens, Aditya Birla, Voltas, St Gobain Glass have done hundreds of programs via reorders and still continuing. We have worked in the public sector with ONGC, BHEL and NTPC in the past and participants obtained excellent results. We have worked with many institutions like IIMs, IITs, and SMEs, startup professionals too.  Knowledge based training has little influence in changing habits and attitudes that have been developed over years of past conditioning. Effective behaviors are developed in the same way as they were acquired, through a development process.

Vision- To make our organization the finest potential transformation company in India particularly in the areas of leadership, sales, personal financial planning, productivity, business model and strategy.


Key Values – Honesty, Discipline, Innovation, Commitment, Inclusion, Trust, Excellence.


Advisory team - consist of Alumniis of IIMs/ IITs and premier Institutions.

Operating team -  includes Alumniis/ Mentors of IIMs/ IITs/BITS/CA/CS/CFP and premier Institutions.

Key Products and services -
A. Long term Performance improvement solutions ( Total growth package) –

  1. Effective personal productivity- for creating high performance individuals and organizations. (LMI’s flagship program)
  2. Effective personal financial planning- for growing your wealth and designing portfolio to meet your life goals. ( Bizwiz flagship program)
  3. Effective Selling strategies (LMI) - to accelerate sales.
  4. Effective financial modelling- To create solid blueprint of your organization

B. Other key Long term programs ( LMI )

  1. Effective personal leadership
  2. Effective motivational leadership
  3. Effective strategic leadership

C. Performance enhancement Mobile app- Smartcoach.biz and Learning and games platform- www.bizwizlearning.com

D. Providing more than 25 Business Simulations and Games in management domain for training and assessment including SimVenture.

E. Financial Advisory in the areas of Personal financial planning in partnership with MotiLal Oswal

G. Consulting in the areas of Strategy, corporate finance, sales, marketing, HR and Business Planning.Career Oriented Program for students/individuals-      Effective personal financial planning ( Career plus, Career Basics), Smart Life skills programs.

H. Short term workshop in above areas and customized programs

I.  Key Note speakers in the above areas.

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ET - NOW (Coverage of LMI - I)

ET - NOW (Coverage of LMI - II)

Our Offices -

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Gurgaon- 8452048029

East Delhi- 9582288170

Mumbai- 919223487876

Kolkata- 9831843818

Ahmedabad- 9904983310

US- 18322098646

Email- admin@bizwizlearning.com