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BIZWIZ LEARNING provides interactive courses, workshops, competitions, assessments, simulations, live projects, industry trips and mentoring to up-skill individuals in the areas of:
•    Business Intelligence
•    Business Planning and Analytics
•    Entrepreneurship
•    Digital Marketing, M-commerce
•    Finance, Accounting, Banking & Portfolio Management
•    Communication skills
•    Leadership, HR & Life Skills
•    Project Management & Operations Management
•    Professional Exams ( CFA, CA, CS, CAT, GMAT, BBA, MBA and others)
•    Marketing & Business strategy
•    Retail , Fashion, Luxury & Design
•    Economics, Research & Supply Chain
•    Other Professional skills

We provide experiential learning in the form of business simulations, live projects, industry trips, live mentoring in the above areas to improve your productivity and employability quotient. We inculcate the entrepreneurial and leadership skills in the students by focussing on practical learning. We provide resources like SimVenture, BSG-online, E-guides and videos to enhance the professional skills.

Bizwiz learning aids the students and prepares them for their future by enhancing and honing their personality. It provides the services by education consultants who dispense their valuable knowledge by holding utilitarian workshops and mentoring sessions. These workshops help the students in realising their true calibre by analysing their strengths and weaknesses.

Online mentoring is extremely instrumental in the clearing off the doubts of students so that they achieve utmost satisfaction. our main and the most important mission is to provide valuable and informative knowledge to students which proves to be beneficial to them and they attain a better understanding and perspective of future accomplishing their goals and objectives in life.

Following are our important Workshops & Courses:
•    We provide courses and mentoring on topics like Entrepreneurship skills, Accounting, Project management, Personality enhancement program, institute orientation program to accelerate your career.
•    Enhancing Employability & Campus Recruitment Training Workshop (Simulation & Game Based)
•    Workshop on Enhancing Entrepreneurial Spirit ( Simulation& Game Based)
•    Business Plan Workshop ( Simulation& Game Based)
•    Marketing Strategy Workshop ( Simulation& Game Based)
•    Business Strategy Workshop ( Simulation & Game Based)
•    Business Skills Empowerment Plus Course ( 120 hours-online)
•    Digital Marketing Workshop
•    Workshop On How to Live Stress Free Life & Improve Your Productivity ( Simulation & Game Based)

The workshops provided by us in the field of business planning, personality enhancement. Marketing strategies and business strategies are entirely simulation based. These workshops are entirely simulation based and a different technique of learning business.

The main purpose of these workshops is to make an individual realise his/her true potential and face the realistic dynamic business world prior entering the real business world which would give them a prior experience making them knowledgeable and aware. It is an excellent opportunity to realise your own potentials and traits which suddenly evolve and show when faced with complicated situations. Therefore this leads to attainment of self-discovery.

These workshop have been used and have benefited  various  institutes across India and globally .These institutes are listed below Ahmadabad (IIMA), Bangalore (IIMB), (ISB), Indore (IIMI),Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFTIMT), Ghaziabad (MICA),IIT MBA, ,(IIT) Mumbai,(IIT)Kharagpur, Pearl Academy of fashion and many more institutes.




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